Our PAR Can Lights are with excellent quality, 16bit dimming, flicker free wash effect. There are several control modes and DMX channel modes for selection freely. We provide indoor and outdoor LED PAR Cans with 7PCS 9PCS 14PCS 18PCS RGBW 4in1/RGBWA 5in1 /RGBWA+UV 6in1 for different customers, and other Zoom LED PAR Light offer linear dimming for some stages. Please check following different LED Par Can Fixtures to Light your projects.

The Types of LED PAR CAN

You may find many different types of LED PAR lights for stage in the market. But all these types are a variation of two basic kinds of LED PAR Can, indoor LED PAR lights and outdoor LED PAR lights.

Also the zoom led par is one of types based on the lens angle can be dimmer or not. Zoom LED Par Light offer more dimming model for different dimension stage and Color temperature.

You can refer to our different par can dmx lighting fixture as following list:

Par Can Lights
led par cans for stage

LED PAR CANS Buying Guide

LED par can lights are the most efficient form of lighting for stage, nightclub, theatre, church, wedding and event. Whether you’re looking for stage lighting equipment, the par cans can do it all for stage lighting projects.

01 What are Par Can Lights?

LED PAR Lights are the main widely used light for stage, church, concerts, clubs, and theatrical lighting. PAR can Light with traditional lamp and LED. LED PAR Cans is the main par can lights on the market. COYO want to share professional LED Par Cans Articles and Tips for Stage, DJs and Wedding.

02 How to choose LED Par Cans?

Par Cans including indoor par can and outdoor par can, indoor par can with fan used in internal, so indoor par cans with little noise and can’t be used on rain, but it is cheap price. And outdoor par can without any fans on it, so it is very quiet and silent, it also can be used on rain, because it is IP65-rated waterproof.So if you want to use the par cans in external and quiet place, you must be choose outdoor waterproof ip65 led par can lights.