Outdoor Gobo projector is especially designed for advertising projection, outdoor landscape lighting. COYO LED Logo projector light is with unique and fashionable outlook, convenient and easy, and IP65 Waterproof for exterior used.

Our Outdoor Gobo projector light range including 100W, 200W, 300W Gobo Projector, 600W Gobo Projector, 800W and 1000W Gobo projector LED based on difference place for convenient usage. According to clients different requirement, we can provide custom different function for users’ freely selection like individual gobo, individual water wave ripple effect, integrated gobo and water wave ripple effect.

Outdoor IP65 Gobo projector usually for exterior applications such as street or road projection, building projection, large scale image projector. And the most important is COYO LIGHTING top LED Gobo Projector Light Manufacturer in China, supply professional Outdoor Logo Projector with high quality and best price!

What is available of outdoor gobo projector light?

COYO Outoor Gobo Light Projector available fixtures based on different power for now, 100W, 200W, 300W, 600W, 800W and 1000W LED gobo projector, and with Water Wave effect optional. Please check our gobo projector light model details following projector list.

Now follow us to know more about Outdoor GOBO PROJECTOR.

What is outdoor logo projector?

COYO outdoor logo projector is a lighting equipment that can project gobo to the Wall and Ground or any any flat places from glass gobos. The glass gobo can be custom-made based on the pictures.

It can used as logo projector car door, window advertising projector, holiday landscape projector and landscape projector Christmas lights,etc. It is a mid-end product specially designed for outdoor advertising projection and landscape projection lighting.

What is outdoor gobo projection advantage?

  1. Acceptable customized gobo
  2. High quality optics and clear powerful output
  3. DMX and Menu Manual, Auto, Sound control model
  4. 6 dichoric colors + 6 interchangeable glass gobos plus open or 7 interchangeable glass gobos
  5. 5°- 50° linear motorized zoom
  6. Waterproof Rate IP65
  7. 0-100% variable linear dimmer
  8. Light weight and compact design