Project Description

380BSW 3in1 CMY Moving Head Light

BSW380 CMY moving head light with Philips or YOND lamp, 8000k Color Temperature, flicker free. 380 BSW 3in1 moving head built in Hybrid Beam Spot and Wash effect in one fixture with low cost and high quality, it is welcome in large stage, church, concert and event places.

The 380 BSW Color Wheel with Cyan Magenta Yellow CMY color System, 11 colors + open with rainbow effect. BSW380 moving head contains 6 Rotating gobo wheel, 17 gobos + open fixed gobo wheel and 3 gobos+open effect gobo wheel.

CMH380BSW built in lens for 2.5°~12°(Beam) and 5°~52°(Spot), you can use 8-face prism and 4-face prism on COYO BSW 380.

  • 8000k Color Temperature
  • 2.5°~12°(Beam) and 5°~52°(Spot)
  • 8-face prism and 4-face prism
  • Cyan Magenta Yellow CMY color System
  • 11 Color + 17 Static Gobos + 6 Rotation Gobos + 3 effect Gobos
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  • BSW380 CMY Moving Head Light
  • BSW 380 3in1 CMY
  • 380W 3in1 Beam Spot Wash Moving Head Light
  • 380 BSW CMY Moving Head
  • 380W 3in1 CMY Moving Head

BSW380 3in1 CMY moving head light – CMH380BSW Specification:

Power Voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 520W
Lamp: Philips MSD Platinum 16R(Optional YOND MSD 350 R17 Discharge lamp)
Color Temperature: 8000k
Prism 1: 8 facet prism rotating in both directions
Prism 2: 4 facet linear prism rotating in both directions
DMX channel mode: 28 channels
Zoom: 2.5°~12°(Beam) 5°~52°(Spot)
Pan/Tilt: 540°/270°
Display: LCD display
Data In/Out Socket: 3-pin and 5-pin XLR socket
Power Socket: Powercon in
Color wheel: CMY +11 colors + open with rainbow effect
Gobo wheel: 6 Rotating gobo wheel with 1 gobos open
1 fixed gobo wheel with 17 gobos + open
1 effect gobo wheel with 3 gobos+open
Focus: motorized focus
Net Weight: 21.2KG