Project Description

300 Watt Ellipsoidal LED Leko RGBAL

300W RGBAL LEKO LED Ellipsoidal CSLP300P5 with 300 Watt RGBAL LED module, with HSIC color matching system, high CRI90+, 19°/26°/36° beam angle available, also we can accept to customized special 10°/14°/50° beam angle. CSLP300P5 LEKO with six-piece glass optical lens group, built in PowerCon in & out, 3-pin and 5-pin XLR in & out connectors.

  • RGBAL LED module
  • HSIC color matching system
  • 10°/14°/19°/26°/36°/50°
  • CRI90+
  • Six-piece glass optical lens group
  • PowerCon in & out, 3-pin and 5-pin XLR in & out connectors
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  • RGBAL Leko LED Ellipsoidal 300W CSLP300P5
  • 300W RGBAL Ellipsoidal LED CSLP300P5
  • 300W RGBAL LED Leko CSLP300P5

CSLP300P5 RGBAL Dimension:

rgbal leko dimension

300W LED Ellipsoidal Leko RGBAL Specification:

Voltage: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
LED Light Source: RGBAL LED Module
Power Consumption: 300W
Color temperature: RGBAL HSIC color matching system
Life life: 50000 hours
Select color index: CRI>90
Fixed Lens: 10°/14°/19°/26°/36°/50° (10°/14°/50° customize)
Optical system: six-piece glass optical lens group, the imaging is clear and uniform, and the spot is no blue.
dimming: 16bits 0 ~ 100% Linear dimming.
The dimming curve is optional.
Control system: STM32 control chip, DMX512 signal
Maximum clock frequency: 72M Hz
Output frequency: 16K HZ
Heat heat dissipation system: air-cooled heat. Temperature rises no more than 20 ° C, intelligent automatic temperature adjustment system.
DMX channels: 6CH / 8CH / 12CH
Work interface: LCD display
Housing: Die-casting Aluminum
Pitch angle: ± 90 °
Protective level: IP23
Fixture Size: 604 × 320 × 463mm
Weight: 11.5KG