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300W LED Video Panel Light RGBYW 2700K-8000K

Model Number:CSL-VP300
MOQ:1 piece
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Shipping Methods:By DHL/FEDEX/UPS/TNT Express, By Air, By Sea
Package Options:Carton, Flight Case


Full Color 300W LED Video panel light is an amazing design of COYO LIGHTING on led soft panel light, it is actually full rgb+y+w led, so you don’t just get bi-color control of your color temperature, you can also adjust hue and saturation.

You can get full control over color temperature from 2700K-8000K which a wider range than you normally find, plus a green or magenta shift which is nice. Dimming is impressive from 0% to 100%. With full DMX control with RDM compatibility. Standard, incandescent, quick and linear total 4 kinds of dimmer curve optional, frequency is adjustable from 500hz-25000hz.

LED Soft Panel Light for Film TV Broadcast CSL-VP300 RGBYW

The most powerful function which shock you is it designed specially for use on film sets. It is obviously useful for adding some interest to the background and for recreating the light coming from artificial source, with the latest firmware though COYO LIGHTING took this one step further by adding pre-made lighting effects in the menu. You will have a whole range of different options like police car,storm,fire or candle light, television and loads more. These also each have various options you can change to customise each preset. For example in the police car you can choose if it is only blue light, or red and blue and how many times it flashes. These could easily be dismissed as a gimmick but they could be actually be quite useful.

1) CCT Mode
White warm and cool from 2700 K to 8000 K with the possibility to adjust green and magenta.

2) HSI
HSI mode allows you to have full control over hue, saturation and intensity of all colours available.

With this mode you can control red, green, blue and white independently.

4) Others lighting effect
Including Tungsten, Sodium Vepour, Metal Halide, Fluorescent and Street effect which you can choose for different scenes .

The build quality is superb and robust. Considering some usages request no any noise on the lighting, we design this 300W led soft panel light without fan cooling , it is totally silent and you can use it anywhere. The most important feature of LED panels is colour rendering, our this panel light has a very high colour rendering index, around CRI > 95. Consequently, during shooting, the colours are perfectly balanced and without unpleasant colour casts, typical of less correct lights.

300W LED Soft Lighting Fixtrue

Using the Fan-less cooling system, no noise very suitable to use in TV studio, Conference room, Theater and so on.

300W LED Video Panel Light RGBYW CRI 95 Color from 2700K to 8000K – LED Panel Light for Video & Studio.

Power supply:
Voltage :AC100V-240V 50-60Hz
Max.power consumption: 300W
Light Source:
LED Color: RGBYW or Bi-Color
LED POWER:5color RGB x 858pcs 3in1 (Rx0.12w/Gx0.17w/Bx0.17w) +Y (880pcsx0.35w) + W (880pcsx0.35w); Bi-Color: 2112pcsx0.28W
Color Temperature: 5 color Y(2700K)-W(8000K), Fully Tuneable from 2,700 to 8,000K; Bi-Color: 3000K-6000K
Color Rendering Index(CRI): Ra≥95
LED Life Time: over 50,000 hours
Fixed Lens: 180°
Dimmer: 0~100% linearly adjustable
Dimming Curve: 4 kinds
Dimming Frequency: 500HZ – 25000HZ optional
Light body feature:
Light body: Die casting Aluminum
Body color: Black
Touch screen: LCD with touch screen
Control Protocol: RDM / DMX
Control System: DMX, Auto run and Master/Slave
DMX Channels: 10CH(RGBYW), 2CH(Bi-Color)
Working Environment:
Working Temperature: -30~40℃
Cooling system:Fan-less No noise
IP Grade: IP20
Package :
Net weight: 12KG
Gross weight: 14KG

CSL-VP300 Fixture Dimension