Outdoor LED Screen is a led display screen is used in outdoor with waterproof IP65 Rated,mainly advertising fixed LED Screen and Rental LED Screen for Stage on the market.

Exterior LED Screens, the area of led screen is generally tens of square meters to a few hundred square meters or even larger, large outdoor led screen is high brightness, and the perspective can work in the sun, with a certain windproof, rain, exterior waterproof IP65 function. Mainly used in outdoor advertising, station, square, shopping mall, etc.

Outdoor LED display Screen usually appears in the form of outdoor media. Outdoor media refers to the main form of information on the top of the main building and the door of the business district, the information of the advertisement of the road, stage and other outdoor venues, including road LED display, LED electronic display, LED full color screen, LED screen , Balloons, airship, compartments, large inflation models, etc.

Outdoor LED display media is the trend of the development of the advertising industry in the 21st century, it is an indoor and outdoor advertising display device with audio and video functions, which is an international leading high-tech product. This kind of led screen equipment is novel and unique, and its area can be adjusted, which can not only play audio and video advertising programs, but also wear fixed light box advertising, but now the governments are encouraged to make users outside the LED screen, will cancel canvas advertisements, light box advertising .

Outdoor LED screen is an ideal alternative product of a canvas advertisement. The LED screen media is divided into a graphic display medium and video display media, which consists of the LED matrix block. The media can be synchronized with the computer to display text, and graphics; video display media uses microcomputers to control, graphic, images, play various information in real time, synchronization, clear information, and display two Dimension, 3D animation, video, TV, VCD program, and live live. LED display screen media shows bright color, strong stereoscopic, quiet as oil painting, movie, is widely used in finance, taxation, business, post and telecommunications, sports, advertising, plant enterprises, transportation, education system, station, terminal, airport , Shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, banking, securities markets, constructionmarkets, auction banks, industrial enterprises management and other public places.

More and More Outdoor LED Screens is used in stage with stage lights together in recent years, like as P3.91mm outdoor led screen 500mm x 500mmm or 500mm x 1000mm size each and P4.81mm outdoor led screen and so on.