This blog will bring you to understand what is moving head lights and how to buy quality moving heads cheap from China. What we should consider before buying led moving head stage lights after this article.

What is moving head lights

Moving head light is an intelligent stage lighting equipment, they are usually called Moving lights, Moving heads, moving head lights in professional stage lighting industry.

It consists of a base, two arms and a lighting head. This base contains a motor that can turn (Pan/X) the arm by 540 degrees. The arm holds the light and also contains a motor that can rotate (tilt) the light by 270 degrees. Most moving lights use a 16 bit pan/tilt system for very accurate positioning.

The Lighting head contain the lens and lighting source(bulb or LED), light source output the beam lighting, it can be adjust different angle by len to use different lighting effect.

Moving Lights

The types of moving lights

There are four main types of moving head for now, a beam, a spot, a wash and a BSW.

The beam type of moving light with small angle lens, usually 2 degrees, it will contain at least one gobo wheel and at least one color wheel to project a variety of shapes and colours.

The spot type of moving light will contain at least one gobo wheel and at least one color wheel to project a variety of shapes and colours.

The wash type of moving light does not contain a gobo wheel but it will have at least one colour wheel and usually a CMY colour wheel.

The BSW type of moving light is hybrid moving head in recent years, it including the beam, the spot, the wash in a moving head fixture at the same time.
It contain gobo wheel, colour wheel and some fixture also including CMY colour wheel too, like BSW 440 CMY, BSW 380 CMY and 230BSW LED, 280BSW LED, 300BSW LED.

A new range of moving heads are now starting to appear on the market that use high powered LEDs, most moving head manufacturers usually use LED as light source, so we can call this type moving head as LED Moving Heads.

LED moving lights have a long lifespan in light source, and low power consume, and the important is small dimension body for easy to install and move in our projects.


How to find the best moving head manufacturers

You should know most of brand moving head lights from China, like as CHAUVET, ADJ, BLIZZARD, MEGA, SWEETWATER, THOMANN and so on, most of their moving heads stage lighting made from china moving lights manufacturers that offer OEM service for these brands. COYO also make OEM for some fixtures for the stage lighting brands too.

So you have known most of moving heads made from china stage lighting manufacturers, why not buy moving head directly from China factories. The important is you can buy the moving head light with cheap price and high quality, not is very expensive brand moving lights from brand resellers. Here is some tips to help you find the best moving head lights manufacturer from google.

1) Open google website and input the keywords of product, like as google “Moving Head Lights Definitive Guide”, “moving heads”, “moving lights” and so on.

2) Find the offical website of moving head light manufacturer not B2B website, like as you find some moving heads manufacturer website,, etc.

3) Checking the whois details by website, you will see the whois Registered On 2012-02-21, whois Registered On 2013-05-17.

It mean that the manufacturers have many years production experience in moving lighting fixtures manufacturing industry, then you can check the price with this supplier. The quality of moving head stage lights should be good from the company.

How to choose the quality & cheap moving head lights from China

Which moving heads to be needed on your stage? Beam and Wash moving head is used in all stage type. So what are right moving heads fixtures in the stage lighting market?

1) Beam Moving Head: beam 23o, beam 380, BSW 440, BSW 380, 300BSW LED, 280BSW LED, 230BSW LED

BEAM 380
BSW 440

2) Wash Moving Head: main focus on LED Wash Moving Head Light, MHW1912, MHW1906 RGBALC, MHW0740, MHW1240

led wash moving head
rgbalc moving head
7x40W LED Wash
12x40W led wash